MediaMonkey will not play my music
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I installed MediaMonkey on my new Compaq computer six months ago. I am running Windows 7. MM has always performed well and not given me any problems until today (I have over 7,000 songs in my library). When I click on the big red "play/pause" button, nothing happens. The music will not play. The button just toggles back and forth between "play" and "pause". I have uninstalled MM (version 3.2.1), then downloaded and installed the newer version (3.2.4), but this did not correct the problem. I get the same result when I use the "Play" pulldown menu button at the top of the screen. A few days ago, I installed "Uniblue Registry Booster" on the computer, and I have used it several times to clean up the Registry. (I wonder if this is what messed it up.)

I have considered reformatting the hard drive, then installing the Recovery Discs for the computer, and then reinstalling MediaMonkey. I don't want to do this unless it will fix the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? My principal use for this computer is for playing my music collection, and now I am dead in the water. PLEASE HELP!!

Please help

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